As we leave 2017 behind Edgewater Homes has had a record breaking year. With the completion of over 25 development sites including 3 blocks of Flats and several multi-home sites, Director Kenny Vaughan appointed Matt Carter as the new Project Manager to oversee all new build developments going forward. Matt has come from Elliott's where he was a Sales rep with over 15 years experience and this invaluable experience along with his local knowledge makes him a natural choice for this important new position.

The Edgewater Office also welcomed two new members of staff. Olga Panteleeva, a much needed Bookkeeper and Administrator. She has already transformed the office accounting system and brought order and calm to an overloaded and slightly chaotic system. She is also extremely good at keeping the men in the office fed throughout their busy days.

A new addition is the appointment of Lyn Wilson, as Company Secretary and Personal Assistant, having worked within the Property market for many years, she brings a wealth of common sense and understanding of the importance a well ordered system will bring to a growing company and busy office environment.